Q: What makes the EZ Stitch Sampler a unique way to learn/teach sewing?

A: The EZ Stitch Samplers instructions and stitch patterns are printed directly on fabric.

Q: Why aren't needles and thread included with EZ Stitch Samplers?

A: Needle and thread types are suggested in the instructions, but needle size/type and thread colors are personal choices for the sewer.

Q: Can I wash my EZ Stitch Sampler?

A: We do not recommend washing your EZ Stitch Sampler.  The Samplers should be kept in a sheet protector.  Placing the Samplers in a notebook binder for future reference is the optimum way of storing this keepsake.

Q: Can I iron my EZ Stitch Sampler if wrinkling occurs while doing the stitch work projects?

A: Yes, absolutely.  Place the EZ Stitch Sampler, printed side down on a piece of white paper.  Use a low to medium cotton setting. Iron on the back of the sampler.

Q: Why do you recommend displaying the EZ Stitch Sampler in a sheet protector?

A: It protects your work.  It's also a great way to display both the front and back of your stitching.  Teachers and judges can easily examine the stitch work for evaluation.

Q: My EZ Stitch Samplers has some fraying on the edges.  How can I stop this?

A: Several drops of a liquid sealant at the fraying sight will retard the threads from sticking out.  Just remember to allow the liquid sealant to dry before sewing or storing.  Liquid sealant is readily available in the notions department of your favorite fabric store.

Q: Why are there so many colors in the EZ Stitch Sampler?

A: Sampler uses different colors to guide the placement of the needle.  Blue text and balls indicate where the needle should go into the Sampler.  The green text and ball indicates where the needle should point up.

Q: Should I use a knot when doing my stitching on the EZ Stitch Sampler?

A: Most stitches require a knot.  If it doesn't, the instructions will tell you so.

Q: When should I try my challenge line?

A: Whenever you feel you are ready to take the challenge.  Remember, it's always best to practice your stitches on the Stitch Guide before taking the challenge.  Keep a record of the date you completed your specific stitch challenge. When it's convenient to you, record the date on the sampler.

Q: Can I use a regular laundry marker to write my name and challenge date completions?

A: No, its not recommended!  Use a fine tipped fabric pen, available at most craft stores.

Q: Do you give discounts for group orders?

A: Yes, EZ Stitch Sampler gives discounts for purchases of 20 or more kits.  Please contact EZ Stitch Sampler for more information.  Large orders require at least 3 weeks for delivery.  So, if you are using this for a class, plan ahead.

Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Yes.  Contact us for shipping rates.